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433 Eros
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World’s Strangest Gemstones

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Mongolian antelope
Minority Languge
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23 April 2014

Birthday today Born today in 1749:
Astronomer and mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace


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At the world’s northernmost settlement of Alert, Canada, it is:
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Bookworm Atypical

I frequently compile a list of books and other media that either pique my interest or that I’ve already owned and enjoyed. Then I run that list through a kind of sibylline algorithm that analyzes various criteria and extracts the 50% or so that (it thinks) should be the most intriguing to other people besides just me.

The ones you see here pop up randomly from these finalists. You can click that refresh icon at the lower left to see a different set. Individual sections on this site draw from other, differently specialized assortments.


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