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Birthday today  
Born today in 1891: Actress and producer Katherine MacDonald


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Thank you very much indeed

Lists of US versus UK terms for various items are pretty easy to find, but here are a few you don’t hear of as often.

US      UK
cotton swab      cotton wool
crib death      cot death
drunk driving      drink driving
[illegal] dumping      fly tipping
[football] field      pitch
flashlight      torch
legally blind      registered blind
[police] lineup      identity parade
liquid detergent      washup liquid
[highway] median      reservation
nail polish      nail varnish
[highway] overpass      flyover
riding lawnmower      sit-on lawnmower
run [for office]      stand
shopping cart      trolley
steel wool      iron wool
takeout [food]      takeaway
thread      cotton
trailer      caravan
trash bag      bin liner
yarn      wool

(In other words, some cotton is made of wool and some wool is made of cotton.)